Alberg 30 Class Sails

The limitations on sails used for racing (at least on the Chesapeake Bay, the Great Lakes rules are different) are specified in the bylaws of the Chesapeake Bay Alberg 30 One-Design Association. Here are the highlights.


Dacron cloth, between 5 oz and 7.25 oz per running yard 28.5" wide.
Luff31 feet maximumthe P dimension
Foot14 feet 3 inches maximumthe E dimension
Leech33 feet 6 inches maximum
Midgirth8 feet 6 inches maximum

The mainsail should be marked with the emblem A30 sail emblem.

Working Jib

Dacron cloth, 7.25 oz maximum.
Luff30 feet maximum
Foot10 feet 3 inches maximum
Leech25 feet 9 inches maximum
Midgirthno requirements

Large Genoa (No. 1)

Dacron cloth, between 5 oz. and 6.5 oz.
Luff34 feet maximum
Foot19 feet maximum
Leech33 feet 6 inches maximum
Foot Round3 inches maximum

Small Genoa (No. 2)

Dacron cloth, between 5 oz. and 6.5 oz.

The size of the small genoa (No. 2) shall not be larger than the No. 1 genoa in any dimension.


Between 0.75 oz. and 1.2 oz.
Luff and Leech35 feet 6 inches maximum to underside of swivel
Girth19 feet 4 inches maximum at any point

The maximum length of spinnaker/whisker poles used when racing shall not exceed 10'9", the maximum "J" dimension.

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