2005 A30 Association Schedule

2005 Racing Schedule   2005 Cruising Schedule
  Sat 23 Early Bird Cruise, Rideout Cr. (Towney)
NOOD Regatta - AYC Fri 29  
NOOD Regatta - AYC Fri 30  
NOOD Regatta - AYC Sat 1  
  Sat 7 Spring Rendezvous at Lake Ogleton (Kirk)
  Sat 14 Maintenance Weekend, Magothy R. (Dinwiddie)
  Sat 21 Mini-cruise, Reed Creek, Chester R. (Lodge)
Spring Race - SCC [non-highpoint] Sun 22  
Miles River Race - MRYC Sat 28 Memorial Weekend, Leeds Cr., Miles R. (Liddick)
Miles River Back [non-highpoint] Sun 29 Masquerade Ball, Dividing Cr., Wye R. (Liddick)
Twilight Race - SSC Sat 4 "Shaken Not Stirred" mini-cruise, Broad Creek, Magothy (Meinhold)
Osius Race - SCC Sun 12  
Syronelle Trophy, Toronto [non-highpoint] Sat 18 Kid's Cruise, Harness Cr., South R. (Dapkunas)
Syronelle Trophy, Toronto [non-highpoint] Sun 19  
  Sat 25 Commodore's Champagne Party, South River (Phillips)
  Sun 26 Summer Maxi Cruise (Davis)
 Rhode River
  Mon 27  Solomons Island
  Tue 28  Smith/Jutland Creeks, Potomac
  Wed 29  Kinsale, Yeocomico River
  Thurs 30  Reedville, Great Wicomico R.
  Fri 1  Stranger's Cove, Corotoman R.
  Sat 2  Lay Day
  Sun 3  Onancock
  Mon 4  Tangier Island
  Tue 5  Tom and Sheila Maroldy's, Cuckold Creek
  Wed 6  Solomons
  Thurs 7  Hudson Creek, Little Choptank
  Fri 8  Cambridge
Heineken Cup [non-highpoint] Sat 9  La Trappe Creek
  Sun 10  Home
Solomons Island - EYC Fri 15  
  Sat 16 mini-cruise, Eagle's Nest, Magothy R. (Leigh)
  Sat 23  
  Fri 29 Night Cruise, Swan Creek (Towney)
Corsica River [non-highpoint] Sat 30 Night Cruise, Swan Creek (Towney)
Corsica River Back [non-highpoint] Sun 31  
  Sat 6 Summer Rendezvous Paula's, Spa Creek (Phillips/Dapkunas)
  Sat 13 O's Weekend, Inner Harbor, game starts 4:35 p.m. (Lehman)
  Sat 20 mini-cruise, Broad Creek, Magothy R. (Leigh)
  Sat 27  
  Sat 3 Labor Day, Corsica R. (Phillips)
  Sun 4 Labor Day, Corsica R. (Phillips)
  Sat 11  
Oxford - NASS Sat 17 mini-cruise, Redhouse Cove, Magothy R. (Barrett, Farrar)
Hammond Memorial - TAYC Sun 18  
Queenstown - PSA Sat 24 Queenstown Raftup (Dinwiddie)
Queenstown back - PSA Sun 25  
  Sat 1 Fall Rendezvous Leigh's, Magothy R. (Palmer)
  Sun 2 Wild Goose Chase (Foote)
 Rhode River
  Mon 3  Harrison's, Dogwood Harbor
  Tue 4  Baby Owl Cove, Leadenham Creek
  Wed 5  San Domingo Creek
  Thur 6  Island Creek
  Fri 7  Plaindealing Creek
Good Old Boat [non-highpoint] Sat 8  Dun Cove
Good Old Boat [non-highpoint] Sun 9  
  Fri 14 Canadian-American Friendship Weekend
International Team Race - PSA Sat 15 Canadian-American Friendship Weekend
International Team Race - PSA Sun 16 awards party
  Sat 22 Hot Cider & Chili, Lake Ogleton (Towney)
  Sat 5 Die Hard Cruise, Broad Creek, Magothy R. (Lehman)
  Sun 4 Picture Night (Foote)
  JANUARY 2005  
  7 14 Annual Dinner (Alley/Maroldy)
Note the change in date!

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