2003 A30 Association Schedule

2003 Racing Schedule   2003 Cruising Schedule
  26 Early Bird Cruise - Clement's Creek, Severn R. (Liddick)
NOOD Regatta - AYC (Morris) Fri 2  
NOOD Regatta - AYC (Morris) 3  
NOOD Regatta - AYC (Morris) 4  
  10 Spring Rendezvous Bay Ridge Pool House, Lake Ogleton (Helmes/Phillips)
Note this is not at the usual location at the community center. Ground transportation will be provided for those who come by boat.
  11 start Spring Fling, Follow the Wind Cruise (Palmer)
  17 Maintenance Day, Hovel-On-The-Water, Magothy River (Dinwiddie)
Miles River Race - MRYC (Debbie Chambers) 24 Leeds Creek (Townshend)
  25 Masquerade Ball & Game Night, Dividing Creek, Wye River (Townshend)
Twilight Race - SSC (Tim Williams) 31  
  7 Ice Cream Cruise, Langford Bay (Doug Hyatt)
Overnight Race - PSA (Morris) non-high-point
Syronelle Race - Toronto (Townshend) non-high-point
14 Children's Cruise, Harness Creek (Blanc)
Syronelle Race - Toronto (Townshend) non-high-point 15  
Osius Race - SCC (T.C. Williams) 21 Commodore's Champagne Party at Paula Binder's, Spa Creek
  22 Maxi Cruise begins (Palmer)
   Big Island, Rhode River
  Mon 23    Tilghman Creek, Miles River
  Tue 24    headwaters, Wye River (Linnie Marshall)
  Wed 25    Town Creek, Oxford
  Thu 26    LaTrappe Creek, Choptank
  Fri 27    Hudson Creek, Little Choptank
  Sat 28    Back Creek, Solomons Island
  Sun 29    Vera's, St. Leonards Creek, Patuxent River
  Mon 30    Cuckold Creek, Patuxent River (Maroldy)
  Tue 1    Cherry Pt, Fishing Creek, Little Choptank
  Wed 2    San Domingo Creek, St. Michaels
  Thu 3    South River, Harness Creek
  Fri 4    Whitehall Bay (Annapolis fireworks)
  Sat 5    Eagle's Nest, Magothy River
  6 Maxi Cruise ends
  12 Stranger's Cove, Carrottomon River
Solomon's Island - EYC (Helms) Fri 18  
  26 Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY
Eagles Nest, Magothy River - Joint raftup with PSA (Dinwiddie)
  9 Fairlee Creek
  16 Baltimore Orioles Cruise (Lehman)
  23 Summer Rendezvous at Paula Binder's, Spa Creek (Schuyler) CORRECTED DATE
  30 Labor Day Mini Cruise, Still Pond (Hite/Miller)
  1 Labor Day Mini Cruise, Still Pond (Hite/Miller)
International Team Race - PSA (Morris) 13 Canadian-American Friendship Weekend
International Team Race - PSA (Morris) 14 Canadian-American Friendship Weekend
Oxford - NASS (Mattox) 20 Oxford
Hammond Memorial - TAYC (Mattox) 21  
Queenstown - PSA (Lehman) 27 Queenstown (Lehman)
Queenstown back - PSA (Lehman) 28  
  4 Fall Rendezvous at Grosh's, Magothy River (Cooper)
  5 Wild Goose Chase begins (Stauffer)
   Rhode River
  Mon 6    Caulk Cove, Ledenham Creek
  Tue 7    San Domingo Creek, Soup Night
  Wed 8    Trippe Creek, Tred Avon River
  Thu 9    Oxford
  Fri 10    Sawmill Cove, LaTrappe Cr
  Sat 11    Dunn Cove, Harris Creek
  12 End Wild Goose Chase, Sail Home
  25 Hot Cider Cruise, Clements Creek (Davis)
  1 Die Hard Cruise, Broad Creek, Magothy (Lehman)
  15 Melbourne FL, off of Conchy Joe's
  Sun 7 Picture Night (Morris)
  January 2004  
  10 Annual Dinner

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