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Pages on the Web come and go with the speed of an offshore freighter that appears on the horizon just when you pop down below for another cup from the coffee pot. Please accept my apologies for broken links.

And you can help keep a lookout: report broken links to webmaster@alberg30.org. Be aware that this is not intended to be an exhaustive page. Rather it's a small and selective set of links that I think are appropriate. The search engines work well enough for casting a wider net. Or, check out Mark Rosenstein's sailing page, which was the list before the rise of search engines.

Online discussions

  • Of course, check out the Alberg 30 Mailing Lists for email discussions.
  • The On-Line Yacht Club (OLYC) also known as the Sailing Forum on Compuserve, was a great cyber yacht club before the web was a glimmer in Tim Berners-Lee's eye. Due to neglect by Compuserve's management and the subsequent takeover by AOL, it suffered a serious decline. But it is still a place to learn truths as well as swap a few tales.
  • SpinSheet is a Chesapeake area magazine that said of the Alberg 30 web site: It'll leave you wondering "Why doesn't our class do this?"
  • If you're interested in Weather Fax or other digital radio communication, then Marius Rensen is the guy to contact. This is a good source.
  • Digital Tradition has the words and sometimes the music to sea chanteys and folk songs.

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