2007 A30 Association Schedule

2007 Racing Schedule   2007 Cruising Schedule
  February Seminars
Racers, Please come - you will probably learn somethin useful! Sat 3 Cruising Seminar 13:00
Getting UnGrounded - Jim Davis
The 2006 Cruise to Canada - Barbara Palmer
2007 A30 Schedule of Events Planning - Mike Meinhold, et al
  Sat 10 Potpourri Seminar 13:00
Captain John Smith - Kate Livie, The Sultana Project
Cruise Planning - Towney
  Sat 17 Maintenance Seminar 13:00
Replacing an Engine - J. Bergquist
The Famous A30 Maintenance Panel - Mike Lehman, et al
Update on Roulette - Mike Lehman
Racing Seminar 14:30
Note the change in starting time
Racing Rules for New Racers - Pat Healy, Naval Academy and Canadian Olympic Sailing Coach
Sat 24 Please Come, Cruisers!
  Sat 21 Early Bird (Leigh, Ridout Ck.)
NOOD (AYC) Fri 27  
NOOD (AYC) Sat 28  
NOOD (AYC) Sun 29  
  Sat 5 Spring Rendezvous (Host Jack Walsh, Lake Ogleton)
  Sun 6 Follow the Wind Cruise (Leigh, destination TBD)
  Mon 7 Follow the Wind Cruise (destination TBD)
  Sat 12 Maintenance Weekend (Lehman's dock, Mill Ck., Magothy)
  Sun 13 Maintenance Weekend
  Sat 19, 20 'Shaken, Not Stirred' Mini-cruise (Meinhold, Ridout Ck.)
Miles River Race (MYRC) Sat 26 Leeds Ck. (Palmer)
  Sun 27 Explore St. Michaels,
 then to Dividing Ck
 Masquerade Ball (Liddick)
  Mon 28 Quiet morning, sail home.
  Sat 2 Children’s Mini-cruise (Meinhold, Broad Ck., Magothy)
  Sun 3 Children’s Mini-cruise
Ted Osius Regatta (SCC) Sun 10  
Canadian Races (Toronto) Sat 16  
Canadian Races (Toronto) Sun 17  
  Sat 23, 24 Anniversary Mini-cruise (Lodge, Reed Ck., Chester River)
  Wed 4 Fireworks, Annapolis. (Raft for the night - Paula Binder’s, Spa Ck.)
  Sat 14 Summer Rendezvous and
Commodore's Champagne Party
(Host S. & S. Foote, Paula Binder’s, Spa Ck.)
  Sun 15 Begin Summer Cruise
John Smith 1608 Bay exploration Reenactment Cruise (Townshend, Annapolis)
Shallop Celebration
  Mon 16  Follow the shallop - probably to Magothy
  Tue 17  Rock Hall - Shallop Celebration (Swan Ck.)
  Wed 18, 19, 20  Head north with the shallop
 (weather dependent anchorages)
  Sat 21  Possibly the Perryville area, Susquehanna River. Shallop Celebration
  Sun 22  Havre de Grace (B. Miller) Shallop Celebration
  Mon 23, 24, 25, 26, 27  Head south with the shallop
 (weather dependent anchorages)
  Sat 28, 29  Baltimore, Shallop Celebration.
End of cruise.
  Sat 18, 19 Mini-cruise (Beigle/Bates, Broad Ck., Magothy)
  Sat 25, 26 Orioles Baseball (Lehman, Baltimore Inner Harbor)
  Fri 31 Night Sail - start of Labor Day Cruise (Palmer, Swan Creek)
  Sat 1, 2, 3 Labor Day Cruise (Host J. & B. Palmer, Langford Creek)
Race to Oxford (NASS) Sat 15 Town Creek (Bergquist)
Hammond Memorial (TAYC) Sun 16  
Race to Queenstown (PSA) Sat 22 Queenstown (Dinwiddie)
Queenstown back (PSA) Sun 23  
  Fri 28 party
International Friendship (PSA) Sat 29 party
International Friendship (PSA) Sun 30 awards party
  Sat 6 Fall Rendezvous, Dividing Ck, Magothy (Maliszewski)
  Sun 7 Begin Fall Cruise (Bluntschli) Rhode River
  Mon 8  Knapp’s Narrows, Marina
 (20 slips have been reserved)
  Tue 9  Tour Poplar Island Restoration,
 then to Sunderland’s, Harris Ck. Party
  Wed 10  San Domingo Ck.
 Soup Night in the Park
  Thu 11  Tour Calhoon MEBA,
 then to Betty Lou & Ed's house
 (past Sawmill Cove), La Trappe Creek
 Pumpkin Carving, party ashore
  Fri 12  Oxford or Dunn Cove
  Sat 13  Lerch Ck., West River
  Sun 14  Home
  Sat 27, 28 Hot Cider Mini-cruise (Davis, Clement’s Ck., Severn River)
  Sat 3, 4 Die Hard Mini-cruise (Lehman, Broad Ck., Magothy)
  Sun 2 Picture Night
 1600 at PSA
  January 2008  
  Sat 12 Annual Dinner

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