Alberg 30 50th Anniversary Celebration at City Dock on 9 & 10 August 2014

Please join us at the Alberg 30 50th Anniversary Celebration at City Dock on 9 & 10 August 2014

The City of Annapolis and the Sailing Hall of Fame are hosting a celebration weekend for A30 Association members and their boats in recognition of its 50 year milestone. Saturday, August 9 will begin with a parade after which the boats will move to slips provided by the SHoF for an afternoon and evening of festivities. On Sunday, 10 Aug, there will be an Old Timers Race departing from the docks at 10 am and returning a few hours later to continue the celebration.

Please view this letter as a personal invitation to join us at City Dock for this very special occasion. You're welcome to participate in all or any part of the weekend that you would like. You are part of the associations 50 year history and we'd love to have you there to share the experience and recount old times.

Here are the ways that you can come and join the fun:

  • Let us know and we'll pick you up at the dock for a ride in the parade. Be at the SHoF docks at 11am to pick up a ride
  • Or just stop by and join the festivities at City Dock Saturday afternoon and evening and again on Sunday
  • Be the dock on Sunday morning at 10am if you want to participate in the Old Timers Race. Let us know if you'd like to skipper an Alberg and what your crew needs are and we'll make accommodations; otherwise come along for the ride.
  • If you're coming a long distance let us know if you need a place to stay and we'll make arrangements

Please respond to me with your decision by email to: Jim Mennucci at Quest433@comcast.net or by mail.

Hope to see you at the dock

Offshore Sailing book cover Offshore Sailing by Bill Seifert with Daniel Spurr

We went to a Windjammers lecture to hear Bill Seifert and I was impressed enough to buy the book on the spot. I've heard a lot of people talk about ways to improve a boat, but I've never heard one person suggest so many good ideas that I hadn't considered. Part of the charm is the specificity of the suggestions. Everyone says you should secure your floorboards, hatchboards and batteries. Bill shows good suggestions on how to do so.

The suggestions are very practical for the do-it-yourselfer, too. Many show how to make or adapt inexpensive solutions. Tip #12 on closing the deck blower vents is one that will pay off for me without ever going offshore. I'll implement that one to stop the wintertime storms from finding their way belowdecks.

Besides modifications, the book also includes advice for operating offshore, cooking, boat selection, dealing with bureaucracy, and more.

Bill Seifert has worked at Tartan, TPI, and Alden Yachts. He's a veteran of many Marion-Bermuda races and now runs his own yacht management company. His tips are born of experience--not of book-learning--and it shows. He obviously knows his stuff.

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