The Alberg 30 Association's 50th Anniversary

The 2014 sailing season will mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Chesapeake Bay Alberg 30 One-Design Association—the A30s. The association's charter is to promote family participation in both racing and cruising; the dual sailing pursuits being unique to the association and unequaled by any other one-design club in the Annapolis area today. Some of our racers today are third generation Albergers.

The association was formed in 1964 when 10 local Annapolitans made a group-purchase of 10 Albergs. Delivery of the boats began early in 1965 and got the Association's first active season underway. In 1966, The Baltimore Sun stated: "The Albergs pioneered large boat one-design racing on the Chesapeake" in the Sunday edition of the newspaper. In addition to the racing, the club began its cruising legacy when 8 of these new boats, with families, headed up to coast to attend the New York World's Fair.

Thus began a 50 year love affair with the pursuit of all that sailing offers, magically choreographed by the allure of our Chesapeake Bay. Today membership stands at 250 member-families with Annapolis being the center of activity. The Alberg 30 truly has a unique place in Annapolis's nautical history.

Proclamation of the City of Annapolis

Commodore's Message

50th Anniversary Celebration at City Dock on 9 & 10 August 2014

50th Anniversary Parade of Sail at National Sailing Hall of Fame, 9 August 2014

50th Anniversary Old Timer's Race at National Sailing Hall of Fame, 10 August 2014

Items of interest

Cover of the book showing three Alberg 30s racing neck and neck
with spinnakers flying The First 50 Years: An Alberg 30 History by Mike Lehman

A collection of stories about the Alberg 30 and how a bunch of Chesapeake Bay sailors came to buy a bunch of these boats and form an association around racing and cruising them.

(Proceeds help support the Alberg 30 Association.)

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