Tentative 2019 A30 Association Schedule

Racing Date Cruising

  Sat 27 Early Bird, Rideout Creek, Whitehall Bay (Meinhold/Leigh)

Sailing World NOOD Fri 3  
Sailing World NOOD Sat 4  
Sailing World NOOD Sun 5  
  Sat 11 Spring Rendezvous, Lake Ogleton (Maliszewski)
  Sun 12 Follow the Wind, Lake Ogleton (Leigh)
  Sat 18 Maintenance Weekend, Mill Creek, Magothy R. (Lehman)
MRYC Annapolis to Miles River Sat 25  

  Sat 1 Kids Cruise, Rhode River (Pleisse)
  Sun 2 Kids Cruise, Rhode River (Pleisse)
PSA Moonlight Race Sat 8 PSA Moonlight Race, North Bay (Martin)
SCC Ted Osius Memorial Sun 23 Ted Osius Memorial Regatta (Martin)

Race to Baltimore Sat 20  
Star Spangled Classic Sun 21  
  Sat 27 Meet on the Magothy, Broad Creek, Magothy R. (Lehman)

  TBD Summer Rendezvous
Commodore's Champagne Cruise (TBD)
  Sat 31 Labor Day, (Lodge)

  Sun 1 Labor Day, (Lodge)
  Mon 2 Labor Day, (Lodge)
NASS Race to Oxford Sat 7  
TAYC Hammond Memorial Race Sun 8  
Bruce Rankin Memorial Regatta, PSA Sat 21 Fall Rendezvous, Magotdy R.
Bruce Rankin Memorial Regatta, PSA Sun 22  

PSA Race to Rock Hall Sat 5 Rock Hall (Martin)
  Sun 6 Fall Cruise, Rock Hall (TBD)
  Mon 7 Fall Cruise, (TBD)
  Tue 8 Fall Cruise, (TBD)
  Wed 9 Fall Cruise, (TBD)
  Thu 10 Fall Cruise, (TBD)
  Fri 11 Fall Cruise, (TBD)
  Sat 12 Fall Cruise, (TBD)

  Sat 2 Diehard Cruise, Broad Creek, Magothy R. (Palmer/Leigh)

    Picture Night

January 2019
  Sat 11 Annual Dinner

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