2005 A30 Association Schedule

2005 Racing Schedule   2005 Cruising Schedule
  Sat 23 Early Bird Cruise, Rideout Cr. (Towney)
NOOD Regatta - AYC Fri 29  
NOOD Regatta - AYC Fri 30  
NOOD Regatta - AYC Sat 1  
  Sat 7 Spring Rendezvous at Lake Ogleton (Kirk)
  Sat 14 Maintenance Weekend, Magothy R. (Dinwiddie)
  Sat 21 Mini-cruise, Reed Creek, Chester R. (Lodge)
Spring Race - SCC [non-highpoint] Sun 22  
Miles River Race - MRYC Sat 28 Memorial Weekend, Leeds Cr., Miles R. (Liddick)
Miles River Back [non-highpoint] Sun 29 Masquerade Ball, Dividing Cr., Wye R. (Liddick)
Twilight Race - SSC Sat 4 "Shaken Not Stirred" mini-cruise, Broad Creek, Magothy (Meinhold)
Osius Race - SCC Sun 12  
Syronelle Trophy, Toronto [non-highpoint] Sat 18 Kid's Cruise, Harness Cr., South R. (Dapkunas)
Syronelle Trophy, Toronto [non-highpoint] Sun 19  
  Sat 25 Commodore's Champagne Party, South River (Phillips)
  Sun 26 Summer Maxi Cruise (Davis)
 Rhode River
  Mon 27  Solomons Island
  Tue 28  Smith/Jutland Creeks, Potomac
  Wed 29  Kinsale, Yeocomico River
  Thurs 30  Reedville, Great Wicomico R.
  Fri 1  Stranger's Cove, Corotoman R.
  Sat 2  Lay Day
  Sun 3  Onancock
  Mon 4  Tangier Island
  Tue 5  Tom and Sheila Maroldy's, Cuckold Creek
  Wed 6  Solomons
  Thurs 7  Hudson Creek, Little Choptank
  Fri 8  Cambridge
Heineken Cup [non-highpoint] Sat 9  La Trappe Creek
  Sun 10  Home
Solomons Island - EYC Fri 15  
  Sat 16 mini-cruise, Eagle's Nest, Magothy R. (Leigh)
  Sat 23  
  Fri 29 Night Cruise, Swan Creek (Towney)
Corsica River [non-highpoint] Sat 30 Night Cruise, Swan Creek (Towney)
Corsica River Back [non-highpoint] Sun 31  
  Sat 6 Summer Rendezvous Paula's, Spa Creek (Phillips/Dapkunas)
  Sat 13 O's Weekend, Inner Harbor, game starts 4:35 p.m. (Lehman)
  Sat 20 mini-cruise, Broad Creek, Magothy R. (Leigh)
  Sat 27  
  Sat 3 Labor Day, Corsica R. (Phillips)
  Sun 4 Labor Day, Corsica R. (Phillips)
  Sat 11  
Oxford - NASS Sat 17 mini-cruise, Redhouse Cove, Magothy R. (Barrett, Farrar)
Hammond Memorial - TAYC Sun 18  
Queenstown - PSA Sat 24 Queenstown Raftup (Dinwiddie)
Queenstown back - PSA Sun 25  
  Sat 1 Fall Rendezvous Leigh's, Magothy R. (Palmer)
  Sun 2 Wild Goose Chase (Foote)
 Rhode River
  Mon 3  Harrison's, Dogwood Harbor
  Tue 4  Baby Owl Cove, Leadenham Creek
  Wed 5  San Domingo Creek
  Thur 6  Island Creek
  Fri 7  Plaindealing Creek
Good Old Boat [non-highpoint] Sat 8  Dun Cove
Good Old Boat [non-highpoint] Sun 9  
  Fri 14 Canadian-American Friendship Weekend
International Team Race - PSA Sat 15 Canadian-American Friendship Weekend
International Team Race - PSA Sun 16 awards party
  Sat 22 Hot Cider & Chili, Lake Ogleton (Towney)
  Sat 5 Die Hard Cruise, Broad Creek, Magothy R. (Lehman)
  Sun 4 Picture Night (Foote)
  JANUARY 2005  
  7 14 Annual Dinner (Alley/Maroldy)
Note the change in date!

Offshore Sailing book cover Offshore Sailing by Bill Seifert with Daniel Spurr

We went to a Windjammers lecture to hear Bill Seifert and I was impressed enough to buy the book on the spot. I've heard a lot of people talk about ways to improve a boat, but I've never heard one person suggest so many good ideas that I hadn't considered. Part of the charm is the specificity of the suggestions. Everyone says you should secure your floorboards, hatchboards and batteries. Bill shows good suggestions on how to do so.

The suggestions are very practical for the do-it-yourselfer, too. Many show how to make or adapt inexpensive solutions. Tip #12 on closing the deck blower vents is one that will pay off for me without ever going offshore. I'll implement that one to stop the wintertime storms from finding their way belowdecks.

Besides modifications, the book also includes advice for operating offshore, cooking, boat selection, dealing with bureaucracy, and more.

Bill Seifert has worked at Tartan, TPI, and Alden Yachts. He's a veteran of many Marion-Bermuda races and now runs his own yacht management company. His tips are born of experience--not of book-learning--and it shows. He obviously knows his stuff.

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