Anecdotes concerning Carl Alberg

Before selling my Ariel to get into the International One Design Class, my wife and I went for a sail with Carl Alberg on his Commander 302 in Marblehead Harbor, MA. We went to his house for drinks and then dinner at the Boston YC. Carl recounted how the Pearsons got a good start in building fiberglass boats with the aid of the Portuguese from the Cape Verde Islands. They had a terrible hurricane that damaged all of their homes so the men came to Bristol, RI and built boats to earn money to go back and rebuild their homes.

He pointed out that the Typhoon had to have its freeboard raised 2 inches so that he could make the cockpit self-bailing at the builders insistence and against his wishes. He thought that that made the boat less appealing aesthetically.

My name is Bill Greer. I lived next door to Carl and his wife, Irma, on Walnut Street in Marblehead for many years. Although I was very young and don't know a great deal about Carl, I can provide many details about his house and his routines while at home. He was a wonderful, kind gentleman who took great pleasure in spending hours on his back porch deck observing the boats and activities in Marblehead Harbor. If these types of details are important to anyone, or I might answer specific questions about being his neighbor, my e-mail is datacad@verizon.net.

You can email me with any anecdotes, facts, sources of information (books, people, or other).

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