Wemba, another Wooden Alberg?

The attached pictures appear to be of a wooden Alberg, built to the design shown on the flyer I sent, and you posted, last year.

I received an inquiry from a French-Canadian as to whether I thought it possible this was an Alberg as the owner he was contemplating purchasing from had, in fact, claimed.

As the then owner insisted it was, and the boat looks exactly like the drawing I have, I would submit it a pretty good guess that in fact it is one of Carl's boats.

I was never able to get the address of the owner from the prospective buyer, and did not get an answer to my last email about the subject when i sent him a query a couple of months ago.

Voilier_1.jpg Voilier_2.jpg Voilier_3.jpg Voilier_4.jpg

I am located in the Montreal area, and while I don't currently own an Alberg (or any other sailboat), I can offer you some background on WEMBA. I will give you a sample, and more details later if you are interested. I don't know her current whereabouts.

WEMBA was built to plans purchased by an uncle of mine (now deceased) in his back yard in the western suburbs of Montreal, where I saw her under construction.

I can't fix the date very precisely, but WEMBA should be about 60 years old.

My uncle was a fantastic woodworker and was Commodore of his yacht club and President of a local cruising association. His father was an architect.

The name WEMBA must be absolutely unique since it is composed of the first letter of my uncle's first name as well as those of his wife and three children.

Given my uncle's credentials and meticulous nature, I have no doubt WEMBA, built of wood rather than fiberglass, is faithful to the Alberg 30 design.

Any information you have or find about WEMBA would also be of interest to me.

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