Rudder Post

Rudder Post drawing, 22 July 1969 Whitby seems to have made a number of variations on the rudder stock. Michael Grosh has donated these drawings dated 22 July 1969, which he says is similar to what's on his 1967 rudder. This drawing is also available in TIFF format.

Rudder Post Reinforcement drawing, 22 July 1969 This drawing is also available in TIFF format.

John Johnson has contributed photos of his rudderpost repair on hull #69 which shows a somewhat different configuration.

On the newer boats, the rudder post has a Stuffing Box similar to the prop shaft. Working on these requires both Access and Wrenches.

I use the same drip free packing here that I use on the prop shaft. As I recall, it uses a different sized wrench, though.


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