Rudderpost Repair on Rocinante, #69

Here are photos of rudder details on Hull #69. You will see that at least on this boat the pintle is a 1/2" stainless pin let into the bronze rudder shoe; the ruddershaft connect is a drilled out 6" length of bronze (reworked prop shaft) drilled out to receive the pintle and drilled and tapped for the silicon bronze bolts at the two notched sections of lower rudder.

I also replaced corroded bronze straps throughout, actually with a heavier brass strap as I couldn't find bronze. I mortised out for the greater thickness and once all was complete I glassed it all in. No good picture of final product but I think the structure is pretty clear.

IMG_4798.jpg IMG_4800.jpg IMG_4802.jpg IMG_4806.jpg IMG_4809.jpg IMG_4810.jpg IMG_4811.jpg IMG_4818.jpg IMG_4821.jpg IMG_4822.jpg IMG_4834.jpg IMG_4921.jpg IMG_4922.jpg IMG_4923.jpg IMG_4924.jpg IMG_4925.jpg IMG_4926.jpg IMG_4927.jpg IMG_4931.jpg

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