A30 Numbers

What number is that Alberg 30?

Do you mean the hull number, the sail number, the manufacturer's serial number or the Coast Guard HIN? Or maybe you mean the Coast Guard documentation number (which you can look up) or other government registration number?

The hull number and sail number are pretty much synonymous, but there are some wrinkles. On some early boats, the same sail number was assigned to two boats with a "US" prefix for the boat sent to the United States and a "KC" prefix for the boat staying in Canada. I'm not sure how these numbers relate to the hull number.

Other boats do not use the class sail number. Usually this is because they race (or did race) under PHRF rules and use the number assigned by the local PHRF organization. In other cases, the number is just plain wrong, usually because the sail was purchased second-hand and the number was never changed.

The manufacturer's serial number is found on the builder's plate fastened to the exterior bulkhead just below the companionway and above the bridge deck. The normal format of this number is a two-digit length ("30"), a two-digit year of manufacture, and a three-digit hull number. Some boats have these elements in a different order, however.

U.S. federal law has required a Hull Identification Number (HIN) on all boats manufactured or imported after November 1, 1972. On the Alberg 30, this is number impressed into the upper starboard corner of the transom. This 12-character number starts with a 3-letter Manufacturer Id Code (MIC). For the Alberg 30, this is either WBW or ZWB. This is followed by a 5-character serial number. On an Alberg 30, this should be "30" and the 3-digit hull number. This hull number should match the one on the builder's plate, but they don't always do so. Finally, the date of manufacture is indicated with a 2-digit month and 2-digit year. Note there are other variations on the HIN numbering scheme, but I've not seen them on an Alberg 30.

On a few boats, there is a discrepancy between the serial number on the builder's plate and the one in the HIN.

Year of manufacture

I'm trying to determine the manufacturing year for each hull number. My data may be incomplete or inaccurate, but this is what I've got:
 Hull Number
Year BuiltLowHigh

It's tough, because Whitby was more interested in making boats than in keeping records. And sometimes the numbers, for whatever reason, didn't come out in order. Hear are some exceptions reported to me:

  • Hull 284 is apparently a 1967 boat, as the serial number is 3067284

Brief Histories of Boats

Bob Kirk (with some formatting help from Mike Meinhold) compiled a spreadsheet of the histories, as he has been able to determine, of boats by boat number. Jonathan Bresler has taken over maintenance of this spreadsheet. You can download this spreadsheet to view it. Please let Jonathan know if you have any further information, or corrections, to the data in this spreadsheet.

Note: if you don't have Microsoft Excel, you might want to download either OpenOffice, or LibreOffice, both free office suites that can read most Microsoft Office files.

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