Alberg30: Brochures

An old sales brochure for the Alberg 30. This document is believed to be circa 1968. The scans are from a xerographic copy.
  • Page 1 (676kB), the front cover, shows Imp, hull number 61, racing other boats on the Chesapeake Bay. Imp is still sailing and is again an active racer.
  • Page 2 (598kB) has some description and interior photos.
  • Page 3 (469kB) gives the basic specifications and has the sailplan drawing as well as the plan and layout of the hull. I've also got larger scans of the These larger scans are courtesy of Bob Johns, Wind Call, #397.
  • Page 4 (617kB) interior and exterior pictures and a list of the standard equipment.
  • Page 5 (453kB) specifications, construction details and equipment list. Plus the price list!

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