Published Alberg 30 References

There have been published mentions of the Alberg 30 in printed media, too. Not all information is online.

Here is a short list of articles and books that mention the Alberg 30. This list is not claimed to be complete. Please post additional references to add to this list.

Blue Water Sailing
The March 2001 issue contains two articles by Yves Gelinas about his circumnavigation on Jean-du-Sud and his dismasting off New Zealand, and in the June 2003 issue, "Crossing the Atlantic on an Alberg 30" by Ciline Lacerte.
Chesapeake Bay Magazine
The March 2000 issue has an eight-page article by Jay Livingston starting on page 70 describing the boat, the one-design racing and the unique family that is the Alberg 30 Association.
The March 1997 issue has a review on page 24 by Jack Horner, a naval architect, marine surveyor and former Alberg 30 owner. (SpinSheet Magazine, 301 Fourth Street, Annapolis, MD 21403. EMAIL: office@spinsheet.com, WWW: http://www.spinsheet.com/)
This article can also be found on the Boat U.S. web site.
This magazine has a good article by Vicki Lathom in the February 1994 issue (Port Publications, Inc., 125 E. Main St., Port Washington, WI 53074; 262-284-3494; FAX:262-284-7764) starting on page 40. The only caveat to that article is that some of the pictures are mis-captioned. If you don't know the people, that won't really matter.
The Mariner
The cover article of the July 1, 1994 issue, starting on page 14. (Chesapeake Publishing Corporation, P.O. Box 429, 601 Bridge St., Elkton, MD 21921; 410-398-3311; FAX 410-398-4044)
Canadian Yachting magazine
featured a review in Classic Boats January 1991.
Chesapeake Bay Magazine
March 1989 issue.
Practical Sailor
The April 15, 1985 issue reviews the Alberg 30.
Practical Boat Buying, 3rd Ed.
A book by the editors of Practical Sailor (1994, Belvoir Publications, Inc.) features an updated review.
The Sailor's World
A book by Arthur Beiser (1972, Ridge Press/Grosset & Dunlap, New York, Library of Congress 78-183593). There's a small picture by Stanley Rosenfeld of Alberg 30's racing on the lower left corner of page 186.
Choice Yacht Designs
A book, now out of print, by Richard Henderson (1979, International Marine Publishing Company). Chapter 14 is about the Alberg 30.
With Jean-du-Sud Around the World
Film shot by Yves Gelinas (1983, Cape Horn Marine Products) while he sailed Jean-du-Sud, hull # 399, single-handed around the world through the Southern Ocean and around Cape Horn, 100 min., available in DVD or VHS at www.CapeHorn.com. The CapeHorn website also contains some articles Yves has written about his boat and its voyages.
Ocean Cruising on a Budget
A paperbound book by Anne Hammick (1991, International Marine Publishing/McGraw-Hill Inc., ISBN 0-87742-300-8) which, in the short section entitled Seaworthiness and design [pp. 21-23] suggests the Alberg 30 as an example of an older design of the type which "make excellent blue water boats."
How to Choose a Sailboat
A book I believe is now out of print, by Harvey Garrett Smith (1969, Doubleday and Company, Inc.) In Chapter 6, page 116, the full page is devoted to the Alberg 30 with a picture, specs and a short narrative.
Cruising World Magazine
October 1995, page 107, A cruising world special section celebrating some of 1995's best boats, both old and new, Great Boats that stand the test of time - The price is right, has a short narrative and a picture (drawing) of the A30.
Sail Magazine
November 1992, page 46 More Plastic Classics - a picture (drawing) and a short narrative.
July 1996, page A51, the article Boating's Fraternity Party has a picture of me and, on page A52, a short mention of the Chesapeake Bay Alberg 30 Association. I was disappointed at the small mention we got and the lack of boating pictures, but there it is.
Better Sailing
by Richard Henderson (1977, Henry Regnery Company, International Marine Publishing, ISBN 0-8092-8242-9) has, on page 164, Bill Schill's photo of two Alberg 30s racing and a caption offering advice on racing strategy.
The Capital
The newspaper of Annapolis has an article (by Frances Jaques on pages B1 & B2) about the Alberg 30 Cookbook and has accompanying photos (by Mark M. Odell) taken aboard our boat, Calypso.
copyright 1991 by Janet Mauche, Volumn I, page 461. One whole page, profile, arrangement and specifications with short narrative.
Twenty Small Sailboats to Take You Anywhere
by John Vigor, 1999, Paradise Cay Publications, ISBN 0939837-32-3 Alberg 30 is listed and reviewed on pages 1 through 6

Thanks to Bob Maneker, Richard Persohn, David Swanson, Andrew Mackinnon for some of these references.

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