Installing a Woodstove Cabin Heater

You can recognize boats with a solid fuel heater by the presence of a Charlie Noble of significant diameter protruding from the deck. And by the smiles of the crew who enjoy a warm and dry cabin in particularly cold and nasty weather.

This Charlie Noble (on Calypso, #543) protrudes from a fiberglass ring glassed into the cabin top. A plastic food storage bowl was used for the mold to make this ring.

The cozy cabin with a Dickerson Newport heater is Surprise, #426.

The installations on Surprise and Calypso are similar belowdecks, with Surprise taking a few extra steps. Notice the metal ring around the stovepipe and the shield on the bulkhead behind the stovepipe. These are worthwhile precautions to deal with the heat (and the ring provides a more finished look). Calypso has never experienced any difficulties with the simpler installation.

As the stove on Surprise is mounted a little further to the left, the heat shield on the short bulkhead on that side is probably a necessity.

Here you can see the use of long bolts to privide an airspace between the stove and bulkhead on Surprise. On Calypso the stove (an older model of the Dickerson Newport) has a built-in space with insulation in the back.

This photo shows the height of the installation on Calypso.

This Hot Pot stove is an alternative to the Dickerson Newport.

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