Cabin Table in Manana

I don't have the standard table. I have a post mounted table which has a plate with a recessed hole in the floor. My table is like a drop leaf and when removed from the post, it fits on the shelve in the v-berth and I put the post in the hanging locker. I did not make the modification, the boat came with it. I have thought about getting a modified inspection plate in the cockpit floor that would accommodate the post leg so the table could also be used in the cockpit.

One nice feature of the drop leaf design is that when one side is dropped, you can actually move through the cabin.

The table top is 32" long. Each leaf is 7". So the table top dimension is 21" x 32". The stainless steel post is 27 1/2" high and has a diameter of 2 1/4". The hardware is by Tiidee Products, Dayton, OH.

When I bought the boat in the 90s, the previous owner told me the table was a prototype. The wood is simple pine. He had planned to have the wood top made out of a more appropriate wood. So have I, but have not done so yet. However, it is very functional and when not in use is totally out of the way.

The table top folds into a triangle and fits on the shelf in the v-berth. The stainless steel tube goes in the hanging locker.

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