Oystering Under Sail Photo Album

A few years back, several of us Alberg 30 sailors took an opportunity to dredge oysters on a skipjack. We'd met Wade Murphy, captain and owner of the Rebecca T. Ruark at Chesapeake Appreciation Days and Windjammers of the Chesapeake. He's an eloquent man when he starts telling tales.

One thing that that is abundantly clear when he speaks is how much he loves that boat and the way of life that he inherited from his father. Where many skippers have let their skipjacks languish to rot when the oysters harvest was decimated by disease, pollution and perhaps overharvesting, Wade has put more money into his boat; perhaps more than it ever can repay in oysters.

This Old Boat book cover This Old Boat by Don Casey

Subtitled "turn a rundown fiberglass boat into a first-class yacht on a shoestring budget," this book is the best introduction I know boat maintenance for the new or prospective owner of a "modern classic" sailboat. Starting with guidelines for selecting a boat, Casey proceeds to fiberglass repairs, cabin and deckwork, spars and rigging, boat equipment, woodwork, electrical, plumbing, refrigeration, painting, canvas work and sails. All of this is described in clear, simple terms perfect for the inexperienced. This is the book that taught me fiberglass work. But don't let it fool you; this book is appropriate for experienced boatowners, too. I still refer to it.

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