Alberg Mastheads

Starboard view of spinnaker halyard crane Port view of spinnaker halyard crane Wes Gardner shared these photos of an offset spinnaker halyard crane that a previous owner had added to the stock A30 masthead casting of Griffin's Faith, #196. The U-bolt welded to the stainless cap piece is 1/4" diameter. This offset crane provides some separation between the spinnaker halyard block and the forestay.

Surprise_spin_halyard_crane.jpg Gord Laco built a spin halyard crane for #426 Surprise's halyard which holds the spinnaker halyard block a few inches forward of the stay as is more normal in other classes. He reports it works very well, not so beautiful, but strong and functional. He's cut off the outer bale since this picture. He found we didn't need the block to be that far forward and figured the structure is stronger with less cantelever.

Circa 2003, some boats installed a custom made replacement masthead fitting through a group purchase organized by Stephen Sousa, owner of Carina Vela #114. This masthead can be seen here and here. Discussion of this masthead fitting may be found in the email list archives.

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