I collect information from posts I read just like I collect old parts from broken engines. This information is offered in good faith, but with no guarantees.


Ignition Coil

These have all been reported to work:

Oil Pressure Shutoff Switch

Used to kill the power to an electric fuel pump if the oil pressure goes down (usually indicating the engine is no longer running)

Valve Cover Vent

The curved hose venting the crankcase to flame arrester is NAPA part # 7378 at your local NAPA auto parts store. It is a formed 90 degree hose that fits the valve cover fitting, but is slightly too long. Cut about 1" off that end then cut the other end at about 45 degrees to meet the flame arrester.

Direct temperature gauge

If you want to find a screw in mechanical temperature gauge here is one you can purchase for about $15.00 from a plumbing supply/HVAC company. It is direct screw in without the need for an adapter as the thread is exact for the front of the Atomic 4.


 Wal Rich Corporation, Corona, NY
 "Snap-Well Hot Water Thermometer"
 Part # 1722015
 Face Size 2.5"
 Temp Range:  32 - 248 F  (with corresponding Centergrade scale.)
 Probe:  Aluminum

Choke cable

The engine stop cable for Yamaha Diesel engines fits the A4 choke cable.

Shifter cable

Since Teleflex bought Morse, there doesn't seem to be any other options. The shift cable on A4 was usually a Morse 63C or 64C.

Throttle cable

Most of the throttle cables were 33 series Morse Cables. If the cable is red it probably has number on it somewhere. Something like "33C 7", mine was replaced a couple years ago and I believe that was the Morse number. The 3 was the model, the second 3 was the throw length, C stood for clamp on the end as opposed other types of ends and the 7 was the length. But Morse has now gone away, being merged with Teleflex.

Fuel Polishing Filter

NAPA #3032 - 5/16" I.D fuel line (#3031 for 1/4" I.D. fuel line) for the all metal in-line fuel "polishing" filter like the one Moyer sells. (per NAPA, they filter down to 12 microns)

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